Home rental program

Flexible and accessible monthly rentals available. You fell in love with your chamber!? It will be our pleasure to apply up to three months rental fees on your purchase! 


You can have peace of mind. Quality, security and durability are the #1 priorities for the last 15 years manufacturing with the highest engineered standards. Offering you a clean environment without chemicals nor off-gaz emissions. 


Delivered in the comfort of your home, our efficient installation assistance is ready to help either in person or remotely. Let us know what is best for you!

*The products listed on this website are not authorized for sale in Canada.*

RENT or Rent-to-OWN : Why choose Oxynova?

Our rental program is designed to provide simple and easy access to high quality flexible mild hyperbaric chambers. 


  • Monthly rental period
  • Rental fee 100% applicable on future purchase
  • The equipment can be returned or purchased at anytime during the rental period
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Orthopedic mattress
  • Oil free high performant 150 liters/min air compressor
  • Inside and outside stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel internal structure



“Thank you for the support and your team professionalism. My chamber has been a turning point in my life, you are the best! “


“Every day I realize that there is always a little more hope… Mild hyperbaric has changed my life!

Thank you for the incredible service! “


”  My home sessions changed my life!! My leg cramps went away and the shaking of my right hand has greatly decreased. I am sleeping again and got back on track with my activities! “





Usa : 1-518-299-8899 

International: 1-855-699-1169




Legal Notice


OxyExpert is a certified Oxynova Distributor. In the United States, mild hyperbaric chambers are considered a class II medical device by the FDA and require a prescription from a qualified professional for human medical use. For any questions, we strongly recommend you to consult a licensed practitioner. Flexible mild hyperbaric chambers have been appointed for acute mountain sickness. All other uses are considered “off label”. OxyExpert and Oxynova do not guarantee any health benefits from the operation of flexible mild hyperbaric products we rent, sell and represent. 

The information found on the OxyExpert website has not been evaluated nor approved by Health Canada or any other relevant authority in Canada. The equipment and services available through OxyExpert and its representatives are offered for wellness, sports performance and the preservation of fruits & vegetables. The content found on each page of the OxyExpert website is shared for informational purposes only. It is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor, licensed practitioner before taking any action regarding the use of any of the devices offered on this website.


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