Our primary mission at OxyExpert is to make accessible the inaccessible for some. It’s OUR way to give back to life and to say THANK YOU!

The whole OxyExpert team wishes in its own way to bring joy and hope to people in need who do not necessarily have the means to pay for hyperbaric chamber treatments.

Starting April 1, 2018, FOR LIFE *, OxyExpert will accompany people and families from all over Quebec in its hyperbaric centers by offering them hyperbaric sessions for FREE!



– LOVE the facebook page of OxyExpert;

– SHARE on our facebook our video of the program “SHARE AT LIFE”. You will find this video on the facebook of OxyExpert.


– SEND us by email your story and SHARE on your facebook, by one of the following 2 options:

                       – Write a text of maximum 250 words with photo;


                        – Produce a video of 1 to 2 minutes.

– PUBLISH your text or video clip on your Facebook.



1st way: Text & photo

Write a text of about 250 words telling your story and include a picture.

Here is an EXAMPLE we received. It is important to include information about the “share for life” program in order to be illegible. (See bold character)

“Hi everyone, my name is Julie. I am the mother of Zakary who is 12 years old with ADD and motor dystrophy. He was diagnosed at the age of 5 and his teacher found that much of the lot came from both the motor and verbal side. He was followed for a long time in speech therapy and occupational therapy. These were weekly sessions that were quite expensive and as we did not have group or other insurance, it was non-refundable.

We had to make the choice to stop these follow-ups because we met 2 problems: 1- the lack of monetary fund’s on our part and 2 – the cumulative delays of Zakary at school due to his too many absences that prevented him to follow the pace at school.

One of our friends has just told us about OxyExpert’s “Share for Life” program, which will allow us to bring free hyperbaric chamber treatments to one of their service centers. We cross our fingers and hope to be selected to help our son as quickly as possible.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart

Julie and Zakary. “


2nd Way: Promotional video … the best way to communicate your message.

1- Produce a video of a maximum duration of 1 to 2 minutes, be original!

2- It is important to talk about the following elements in your capsule:

     A – OxyExpert’s “Share for Life” program

     B- Hyperbaric chamber treatment offered free of charge at one of their Oxy Expert service centers.


      – Look at the camera straight ahead when recording;

      – Speak slowly;

      – Make sure you have good lighting;

      – Smile by thanking people in advance at the end of the video ?

4- Click on this video to see an example of a video: (Our first Winner of the program!)


1- The accompaniment will be done by appointment for a maximum period of 2 months per winner.

2- The sessions will take place at our offices in St-Sauveur and Laprairie on the South Shore of Montreal, starting April 1, 2018.

3- 1 participant per month will be selected to come and benefit from free treatments in one of our 2 offices.

4- Maximum of 4 sessions per week of an hour, and that, on Appointment only.

5- The opening hours are from 10h to 19h from Monday to Saturday.

6- * OxyExpert reserves the right to stop the program at any time, without notice.

7- The selected participants will have to sign an on-site “discharge” before starting the program.

8- Have provided a text and / or video with the mentions requested above.

9- By applying, participants agree to give OxyExpert the right to use their texts, photos, testimonials and / or videos.

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