The X+40 offers you comfort and unequaled space without compromising the quality and safety aspects that must be found in a flexible hyperbaric chamber at 1.3 ATA. The hyperneo X-40 is the solution that allows you to sit and lay down for your treatments alone or with your family.
















FINALLY, an alternative allowing you to be comfortably seated or lying down.

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A model without compromise

The hyperneo X+40 can accomodate up to 3 people inside the chamber. Its 40” diameter also gives you the opportunity to sit comfortably and lay down in peace.

More economic Hyperbaric solution !

The X+32 and X+40 models give you a lower price range without compromising the product quality, safety and performance.la performance du produit.


The X-40- and X-32 models offer a set of accessories including an indoor and outdoor manometer for fast and efficient pressure reading.

Autism & Cerebral palsy

Convenient to accompany children with the autism spectrum or cerebral palsy, the Hyperneo X-40 is certainly the most suitable and comfortable solution for the whole family. A much larger interior allowing parents and children to better coexist and facilitate the game for the duration of sessions. You will be able to perform treatments with two children at a time.

Adapted for a mobile lift

With a 30″ opening diameter at the entrance to the chamber, the Hyperneo X+40 is a perfect suited option at 1.3 ATA and one of the best model on the market, that allows you to position safely an adult or a child with the assistance of a mobile lift.

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